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Summerbreak! 23 / 08 - 09 / 09

Please be aware that our last shipping of orders is Friday 22nd. Orders we receive after the 22nd will be shipped after 9th of September. In case you´d like to return something, please send back after our break. The showroom is closed during our break. Have a great summer!

Papier 115g

Papier 115g

Price: €83.19 (€99.00 inc. VAT(MwSt.))


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Shopping bag made of Tyvek®, a synthetic paper that is extremely light but at the same time extremely robust. Waterproof, tearproof, 100% recyclable. Dimensions: 36x20x41cm, weight: 115g

Shopper aus Tyvek®, einem synthetischen Papier, das sehr leicht und zugleich sehr stabil ist. Wasserfest, Reißfest, 100% recyclable. Im Siebdruckverfahren bedruckt mit leichtem Glanz. Eingeprägtes Label.