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  • Bunny & Cat

    There is a bunny in the moon, preparing rice cake. Each grain of rice symbolizes a human soul, the rice cake represents millions of souls. (from a Japanese legend). Once there was a geisha that had a pet cat she adored. One day, it was tugging at her kimono and the owner of the brothel thought the cat was possessed, so he sliced off its head with a sword. The cat head landed on a snake about to strike and the fangs killed the snake and saved the woman. The geisha was so sad by the loss of her cat that one of her customers made a statue of the cat to cheer her up.

  • BUNNY & CAT pins

    BUNNY & CAT pins € 39

    Bunny or Cat

  • BUNNY & CAT keychains

    BUNNY & CAT keychains € 149

    Bunny or Cat

  • CAT or BUNNY stud

    CAT or BUNNY stud From € 29

    Single piece

  • BUNNY ring

    BUNNY ring From € 79

    gold or silver

  • CAT ring

    CAT ring From € 79

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