Gold & Silver

Gold & Silver Saskia Diez is a series of eau de parfum, developed together with Geza Schön. We wanted to give a scent to gold and silver, two metals that are strongly connected to my work. Two metals that have no smell. But think of gold and silver and you kind of know how they could smell. We wanted to create an invisible olfactory kind of jewellery.

Gold is a very warm, dark and rich scent.
Silver is sharp, defined, light, fresh.

Grasp the sun and breath the beams, become
One of the earthy tales of
Lingering love until the precious
Dust turns into aureate light

Slip into the clear stream of stories
Inhale the shimmery patterns and
Listen to the moon’s
Voice whispering softly
Everything is fluent, everything is only the
Reflection of an idea