The radiations of adornment, the sensuous attention it provokes,
 supply the personality with such an enlargement or intensification of its sphere: the personality, so to speak, is more when it is 
adorned. (Georg Simmel)
These pieces are inspired by ethnic jewelry. For the Kayapos the skin of their newborns is weak. It has to be strengthened. This is why their skin gets the most decorated in a great variety. A few days after birth the father pierces the earlobes. In the following years these holes get widened by bigger and bigger diameters of earplugs. A second ear canal is generated and now the ears are open for stories. Jewelry has a strengthening character. All the energy that has been put inside the piece of jewelry during the process of design and production are strengthening the one who wears it. The mirror-polished lasercut silver helps to keep the bad things away…

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