Grand bracelet

 359 800

925 Sterling silver or bronze
Size s has 11 elements and a diameter of about 57mm
Size m has 12 elements and a diameter of about 61mm
Size l has 13 elements and a diameter of about 67mm
The crucial point is how well your thumb can squeeze into your hand when slipping over the bracelet. There is a stylists trick for large cuffs: Put some plastic foil or a plastic bag over your hand and then slip over, the bracelet will go on and off very easy.
Please do not store in leather bags or in wood cases, this leads to tarnishing


The elements of this bracelet are scaled, big, still manufactured the thinnest possible way. Inspired by an indian technique of manufacturing large surfaces of gold to show off but doing them super thin, touching the border of what´s possible to still keep them stable. It´s more lightweight than it seems, and rather flat. No clasp. Looks great as a pair. On the second picture the model wears the version in bronze. Made in Munich.