Nikara Jewellry showcase


Set of four, solid oak with open-pore lacquer finish
Mirror (A), ring showcase (B), necklace showcase (C), earring showcase (D)


The NIKARA set showcases your favorite jewelery in a special way – like an open treasure chest. The 4 solid wood elements made of open-pored lacquered oak are available in 3 color combinations. There is a choice of subtle base tones, intense red nuances and high-contrast eye-catchers. The colors harmonize with all metal tones from silver to yellow and rose gold. The displays for rings, necklaces and ear studs are complemented by a table mirror. With their minimalist design, the wooden elements are reminiscent of building blocks. Every 2 parts have a complementary shape. With their basic triangular shape, the mirror and ring holder can once again form the cuboid from which they were created, while the displays for necklaces and earrings are placed next to one another to form a half-cylinder. This is how the 4 elements also appear in the elegant gift box. NIKARA is the result of the first cooperation with Schönbuch. The perfect gift idea.

Set 1: slate black, ivory, granite, cacao

Set 2: tomato red, sunrise, watermelon, wine red

Set 3: emerald green, indian yellow, jungle, sapphire