Stripe Pearl ring No2


18karat gold (the gold we use has a higher amount of copper in the alloy, so it has a nice warm color) or 925 Sterling silver and freshwater pearls
The pearls of No2 have a diameter of appr. 8-9mm, the gold or silver stripe is 3mm wide.
This is a delicate ring. Rather take it off before working hard with your hands. And keep your pearls away from chemicals, acids (also lemon juice or vinegar), cosmetics etc. Take care with strong sunlight and review our care instructions for pearl jewelry.


A gold or silver stripe bend around the finger in U-shape with two pearls. The model is wearing it in combination with the Stripe PEARL ring No3. On the second picture together with the STRIPE ring No3 and adjustable STRIPE ring. Made in Munich.

How to care about your pearls? Click here.