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Drop CRYSTAL bangle


3 in stock (can be backordered)

Rock crystal, nylon thread
The bangle has a diameter of about 63mm, the small beads have a diameter of 4mm the bigger ones up to 10mm
This is a very delicate piece. Take care and store separately. Keep away from chemicals, cosmetics and acids and take off before taking a bath or shower.


Crystal quartz is said to improve clarity and to help to know oneself. This is a soft bangle made of beads out of clear rock crystal. Mainly small beads of 4mm, interrupted by two parts opposite of each other with a row of beads varying in size from 6-10mm. Due to balance, there’ll be always one of the two showing up on the top of your wrist.
Material is real rock crystal. Handmade in Germany.
One size, a soft/flexible but not elastic slip-on.