chained YOU

 215 240


48mm x 150mm for the sunglasses
the length of the double chain is about 100cm for the longer loop and 60cm for the shorter loop, thickness of the chain is about 1.45mm
the length of the bold chain is about 55cm, the chain is about 8.5mm x 3.5mm
The sunglasses are out of nylon, consisting out of fibres that´s why the glasses are very flexible and stable.
The chains are out of brass, silver-plated or gold-plated the black one is made from anodised aluminum


Chose your glasses with a chain! Especially nice are the gold version with a golden chain, the black one with black and the fade one with silver.

On the first picture you see gold YOU & silver chain, the girl wears a fade YOU & gold chain and the guy wears a black YOU & black chain.

The glasses have been reduced in a lot of details: weight, thickness, frame. So there´s enough space for a chain to add. The chained YOU is part of a cooperation with VIU.