silk BOW earrings


Silk, 925 sterling silver


Lightweight earrings out of silk and silver, handmade in Berlin, for pierced ears, comes as a pair.

In June 2024, Berlin witnessed the launch of a unique jewelry collection by sustainable silk label La Bande Berlin, in collaboration with Munich-based jewelry designer Saskia Diez. Debuting in March, the five-piece collection features a choker, earrings, a hairpin, a scrunchie, and a lapel pin, combining La Bande Berlin’s silk with Saskia Diez’s clean chic designs. The collection’s highlight, “Silky Bows,” integrates pure, elegant bows into delicate jewelry pieces, some with silver applications.

*Women Supporting Women*
The connection between the two designers, Saskia Diez and Claudia Bothe of La Bande Berlin, goes beyond design affinity. Their collaboration emphasizes sustainable production while making a positive social impact. The “Saskia Diez x La Bande Berlin” bow collection is created in partnership with the Koepjohann’sche Stiftung, an organization dedicated to supporting women and children in need in Berlin Mitte. Some steps in the production of the silk bows are carried out at the “Frauen*treffpunkt Sophie,” a safe space for women* seeking refuge from life on the streets. The final assembly of the jewelry takes place at La Bande Berlin’s atelier. The women* involved in the process at Frauen*treffpunkt Sophie are grateful for the opportunity to contribute actively. This project marks the beginning of further collaborations between the foundation and La Bande Berlin.

Unlike many collaboration collections, this one is part of the permanent assortment of both brands. Currently, the products are available in Natural White, Black, Pink, and Eucalyptus colors.

*More about the Koepjohann’sche Stiftung:*
Founded in 1792 by shipbuilder and entrepreneur Johann Friedrich Koepjohann, the Koepjohann’sche Stiftung is one of Berlin’s oldest foundations, celebrating its 230th anniversary in 2022. Koepjohann’s will stipulated that his properties in the Spandauer Vorstadt form the foundation’s basis. To this day, the rental and lease income supports needy women from the founder’s family and the Evangelical Church Community at Weinberg. The foundation’s scope has expanded to fund its facilities and various social projects in the foundation’s area, aiding women, children, youth, and elderly women. In 2019, the foundation established a residential and counseling house for women in need in a newly renovated historic building in Berlin Mitte, also operating the year-round emergency shelter Marie. The foundation’s jurisdiction now covers the entire Berlin Mitte district.

*About La Bande Berlin:*
Founded by Claudia Bothe in 2020, La Bande Berlin is the culmination of her 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, working for various luxury labels in London, Paris, and Berlin as Head of Design. La Bande Berlin embodies Claudia’s personal project of creating a sustainable eveningwear concept with the flexibility to restyle one’s wardrobe each time. Inspired by this idea, Claudia designed a mix-and-match silk collection with a limited number of styles for various all-over looks. The company was initially funded by the founder’s capital. Today, La Bande Berlin consists of a small team and additional support from its community, for which the label is very grateful. The German word “Bande” suggests that a brand is more than just one person.