Big and small Semiprecious GREEN earcuff

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Green Agathe
The small version has a diameter of 16mm and a thickness of 4mm / the big version has a diameter of 22mm and a thickness of 6mm
Do not let them fall on hard surfaces, they might break


We are introducing BOLD earcuffs made from semiprecious stones. Here you see them made in green Agate. They are hand carved and polished by a family run stone cutter workshop in Idar Oberstein, Germany. They look especially nice combined with silver.

On the model, you see the small version.

Please take care to not let them fall on stone surfaces to prevent from breaking.

In green agate, the spiritual power of green is combined with that of agate. They say that green agate increases compassion and generosity, enhancing mental and emotional flexibility, improving decision-making and resolving disputes.