Bunny Tube Key


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Steling silver
The circle has a 2cm diameter and the ears a length of 7cm.
Polish silver with a jewelry polishing cloth for smooth surfaces. Do not use tissue or paper towels, they can cause scratches because of fibers in these products. Cleaning jewelry regularly can keep it looking good, but be careful. Rubbing alcohol can work wonders, but bleach can literally destroy jewelry so avoid it in any case.


A cream squeezer for the cosmetics brand Studio Botanic. The shape of the key reminds of a rabbit head, which is a sign for natural, cruelty free cosmetics and as a signet on Studio Botanic packaging for animal-free products.

Various stamps in the bunny head, the SB Signet, the Diamond Signet by Saskia Diez, as well as the 925 mark as a sign for sterling silver, mark the eyes and moustache of the bunny. The rabbit ears can be pushed onto the Alutube to roll it over the them.

Material is 925 sterling silver. Made in Germany.