LS long hearts earring


3 in stock (can be backordered)

925 Sterling silver
length of the earring: about 10cm; width of the chain: about 2.1mm


A dangling earring with a heart at the top and one at the bottom, connected with a piece of chain. This earring is part of a small capsule collection we did for the mens brand Lazoschmidl. ONE PIECE, for pierced ears.

LAZOSCHMIDL Fall/Winter 2020 pictures a glam rock band on the verge of a comeback. Their
imaginary psychedelic record deals with the eternal dream of an alternative community in
which love is the sole guiding principle of existence.

Side A
Twisted Reality
It Wasn’t Me, It Wasn’t You
Hijack Me
Reasonable Desires

Side B
No, No, No (No Nothing)
Painful Moments
Kiss Me, Come On (This Is It)

The collection portrays an all-day recording session that climaxes as a slumber party in
printed sequins, satin, and soft merino. Patchwork pyjama pants, kimono shirts, fared velvet
pants, crystal-trimmed cardigans and kaftans explore the dichotomy of masculinity and
vulnerability while promoting a liberal, non-conformist society. Using the tour T-shirt
metaphor and custom-made appliqué coins as a recurring decorative element, the collection
explores the idea of celebrity culture by introducing a new currency that refects the
dangerous eroticism of stardom and consumerism: Money for a broken heart.
Fall/Winter 2020 sees the premiere of Lazoschmidl jewellery, designed and produced in
collaboration with Saskia Diez. The intertwined heart and coin return as key elements
incorporated into necklaces, chokers and earrings.