Fleur Vases

This project is a collaboration between Zwiesel Glas and Saskia Diez
Material: glass, handmade in Zwiesel


Minimalist, delicate and handmade – attributes that connect ZWIESEL GLAS and Saskia Diez. The celebrated jeweler from Munich relies on a clear, strong and feminine language of forms in her designs, which she has for the first time translated into glass. The result is the exclusive “Fleur” vase trio. Like dandelions, the spherical vases in three different sizes float atop their slender stems. The exclusive design collaboration between ZWIESEL GLAS and Saskia Diez reveals how much ele- gance is contained in pure lightness. Fleur is amazingly versatile and, thanks to colourless crystal, is the highlight of any room decoration at any time of year.

Low vase: 114 mm

Medium vase: 148 mm

High vase: 179 mm

Them here: