Solitaire ring


18karat gold, gemstones from Tanzania
The stone has a diameter of 4mm
This is a delicate ring. Rather take it off before working hard with your hands.
Keep away from chemicals, acids, cosmetics etc.


A precious gemstone cut as a sphere and set into a delicate gold ring. Made in Munich.
The ruby stands for piece and contentment. A ring with a ruby should be worn on the left hand to enhance life force and give protection. The ruby is also a symbol of friendship and love.

Emerald is said to be a stone of vision and intuition and wisdom, to augment memory and enlarge mental clarity. It is a gemstone of the Chinese goddess Quin Yin, representing universal love and inner beauty that is untouchable.

They say that the sapphire is a stone of protection and prophetic wisdom that promotes joy, faith and hope. Therefore it is often used in engagement rings. Bringing light and peace, opening the mind for beauty and intuition. A sapphire is thought to guard the hope needed for that our deepest desires will come true one day. Characteristic for the sapphire is its silky glow.