SASKIA DIEZ jeweled Tarot Cards


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printed cardboard
the cards have a classic format of 70x120mm


Saskia Diez has made a Tarot card deck. Each character on the various cards is adorned with jewelry—specifically, pieces from Saskia Diez’s own collection. The designs are based on the classic Rider-Waite Tarot, with subtle alterations in shapes, faces, colors, details, and, of course, the jewelry decoration. The set includes two spreads: the Cross and the Love Oracle. All motifs are hand-drawn and hand-colored, the cards and box are printed in Germany with the kind permission of Königsfurt Urania.

0 The Fool – A young man stands at the edge of a cliff, gazing upwards. He carries a small bag (the MESH bag No3) and a big WOOD bracelet and is accompanied by a small dog, symbolizing loyalty and protection. The card symbolizes new beginnings, innocence, and spontaneity, encouraging risks and following one’s heart.

1 The Magician – A man stands behind a table with symbols of the four Tarot suits: a cup, a pentacle, a sword, and a wand. He raises one hand towards the sky and points the other towards the earth, symbolizing the connection between the spiritual and material realms. He wears the CRYSTALIZED necklace. This card represents manifestation, resourcefulness, and inspired action.

2 The High Priestess – A serene woman sits between two pillars, Boaz and Jachin, holding a scroll partially covered by her robe, with a crescent moon at her feet and oval FLUID earrings. She embodies intuition, sacred knowledge, and the divine feminine, encouraging trust in one’s inner voice.

3 The Empress – A regal woman sits on a throne surrounded by lush nature, wearing a crown of stars, the bold GRAND collier and holding a scepter. She symbolizes femininity, beauty, nature, and abundance, representing nurturing and creative energy.

4 The Emperor – A stern man sits on a stone throne adorned with ram heads, holding a scepter and an orb, with the ANCHOR necklace around his neck. He symbolizes authority, structure, and control, encouraging discipline and order.

5 The Hierophant – A religious figure sits between two pillars, holding a staff, with two acolytes kneeling before him and the LOOPING earcuff on their ear. This card embodies spiritual wisdom, tradition, and conformity, encouraging guidance from established institutions or mentors.

6 The Lovers – A man and woman stand in a garden, watched over by an angel, with the sun shining brightly above. The man wearing the LS C-ring necklace, the women the TEARDROP lasso. The card symbolizes love, physical intimacy, harmony, and relationships, representing deep connections and important choices.

7 The Chariot – A warrior stands in a chariot, he wears the ESCAPULARIO necklace and the dancing PAILLETTES earrings No5. He is pulled by two sphinxes, one black and one white, holding a wand and wearing a starry crown. The black one wearing the long FLUID earrings, the white one the multi PAILLETTES earrings. This card represents control, willpower, and determination, symbolizing success through perseverance.

8 Strength – A woman gently tames a lion by holding its jaws, wearing an infinity symbol above her head. She has DIAMOND bracelets on her wrists. She embodies courage, compassion, and inner strength, encouraging overcoming obstacles with gentleness.

9 The Hermit – An old man stands alone on a mountain peak, holding a lantern and a staff, with a black SIGNET ring on his hand. This card symbolizes introspection, soul-searching, and inner guidance, encouraging seeking wisdom within.

10 Wheel of Fortune – A large wheel with various symbols and creatures, including a sphinx and an Anubis figure, bejeweled with the big triple earcuff and the BELLE lasso. The card represents cycles, destiny, and changes, symbolizing life’s ups and downs.

11 Justice – A woman sits on a throne holding a scale and a sword, having the SPARKLING BOW brooch holding her scarf together. She embodies fairness, truth, and law, encouraging balanced decisions and accountability.

12 The Hanged Man – A person hangs upside down from a tree by one foot, appearing calm and serene, their hair decorated with the BOLD hair tie. This card symbolizes surrender, new perspectives, and letting go, encouraging seeing things from a different angle.

13 Death – A skeletal figure in armor rides a white horse which has WOOD bracelets on its legs, with figures from all walks of life falling before him. The card represents endings, transformation, and transition, encouraging embracing change.

14 Temperance – An angel stands with one foot on land and the other in water, pouring liquid between two cups. With PAILLETTES hair clips in their hair and a multi PAILLETTES choker on their neck. This card symbolizes balance, harmony, and moderation, encouraging a middle path and self-control.

15 The Devil – A horned, winged figure sits on a pedestal, the EDGE necklace with two chained humans below. The card symbolizes attachment, addiction, and materialism, encouraging breaking free from unhealthy patterns.

16 The Tower – A tall tower struck by lightning, with flames and falling figures and a falling DIAMOND ring. It symbolizes sudden upheaval and revelation, encouraging embracing chaos for transformation.

17 The Star – A naked woman kneels by a pool, pouring water onto land and into the pool, with stars shining above, a STAR earcuff on her ear, PAILLETTES hoop, BOLD bangles on her wrists. This card embodies hope, faith, and renewal, encouraging looking towards a brighter future.

18 The Moon – A moon with a face looks down on a landscape with a path, flanked by a dog and a wolf who has a BOLD earcuff on their ear, with a crayfish emerging from the water. It symbolizes illusion, fear, and the subconscious, encouraging facing fears and trusting intuition.

19 The Sun – A radiant sun shines down on a child riding a white horse, surrounded by sunflowers, the GLITZ scarf around its neck. This card represents positivity, vitality, and success, encouraging embracing happiness and celebrating achievements.

20 Judgement – An angel blows a trumpet, awakening figures from their graves, with chandelier PAILLETTES earrings on. It embodies reflection, reckoning, and awakening, encouraging personal growth and new understanding.

21 The World – A woman with the LS Coin necklace dances within a wreath, holding two wands, with the four corners adorned with figures representing the four fixed signs of the zodiac. This card symbolizes completion, integration, and accomplishment, encouraging celebrating success.


Ace of Cups – A hand emerges from a cloud, holding a cup overflowing with water. The hand is adorned with a multi BOLDWIRE ring and the GLITZ bracelet. A dove descends, symbolizing new emotional beginnings and spiritual nourishment.

Two of Cups – Two people stand facing each other, exchanging cups and pledging unity. Above them is a caduceus, symbolizing partnership and mutual respect. Both wear GRAND hair clips in their hair.

Three of Cups – Three women raise their cups in celebration, surrounded by a bountiful harvest, their hair tied together with WOOD hair ties. It symbolizes friendship, joy, and community.

Four of Cups – A man sits under a tree, contemplating three cups before him. A fourth cup is offered by a hand from a cloud, that has a BARBELLE bracelet on its wrist, symbolizing reevaluation and contemplation.

Five of Cups – A cloaked figure stands before three spilled cups, ignoring the two standing cups behind. They wear a LACE cape on their shoulders. The card symbolizes loss and the need to focus on what remains.

Six of Cups – A child offers a cup filled with flowers to another child. STAR pins decorate the cups. It symbolizes nostalgia, childhood memories, and innocence.

Seven of Cups – A figure contemplates seven cups, each containing different visions, one with the chunky PEARL necklace and SEASON ring. It symbolizes choices, dreams, and illusions.

Eight of Cups – A figure walks away from a stack of eight cups, heading towards a mountain. The one PAILLETTE necklace hanging from the sky. It symbolizes seeking deeper meaning and leaving the past behind.

Nine of Cups – A contented figure with a pearl BOW brooch on its hat sits before nine arranged cups, symbolizing satisfaction and the fulfillment of wishes.

Ten of Cups – A couple stands with arms raised, one of them with a LACE bustier on, admiring a rainbow with ten cups. It symbolizes emotional fulfillment and family harmony.

Page of Cups – A young person with an IDENTITY choker holds a cup from which a fish emerges. It symbolizes creative opportunities and intuitive messages.

Knight of Cups – A knight rides a white horse, holding a cup with a 5 DROP earring hanging from it. It symbolizes the pursuit of romance, charm, and idealism.

Queen of Cups – A queen with TEARDROP earrings sits on a throne by the water, holding a cup. It symbolizes compassion, emotional stability, and intuition.

King of Cups – A king with a REBL/DIEZ chained earcuff sits on a throne surrounded by water, holding a cup. It symbolizes emotional balance, compassion, and wisdom.


Ace of Pentacles – A hand emerges from a cloud, the SIGNET ring on the index and the narrow IDENTITY bracelet on the wrist, holding a pentacle. It symbolizes new financial opportunities and material abundance.

Two of Pentacles – A figure juggles two pentacles, surrounded by a lemniscate, or in this case: the pearl INFINITY necklace. It symbolizes balance and adaptability in managing multiple priorities.

Three of Pentacles – Three people collaborate in a cathedral, one of them with a MESH bag, symbolizing teamwork, skill, and craftsmanship.

Four of Pentacles – A figure with PAILLETTES hoops on their ears holds onto four pentacles tightly, symbolizing security and control.

Five of Pentacles – Two figures walk through the snow outside a church, symbolizing financial loss and hardship. A small ARROW ear stud lies in the snow.

Six of Pentacles – A wealthy figure, the LS COIN necklace on, gives coins to two beggars, symbolizing generosity and the balance of giving and receiving.

Seven of Pentacles – A figure with a REBL/DIEZ earcuff pauses to admire their growing pentacle plants, symbolizing patience and long-term planning.

Eight of Pentacles – A figure with the ETERNAL double bangle diligently works on carving pentacles, symbolizing dedication and skill development.

Nine of Pentacles – A figure, the long HEARTS earring on their ears and the IN LOVE bracelet on their wrist stands in a vineyard with a falcon, symbolizing abundance and self-sufficiency.

Ten of Pentacles – An elderly figure is surrounded by family and symbols of wealth, symbolizing legacy and long-term success. One of the pentacles is represented by the LS COIN necklace.

Page of Pentacles – A young person, UNIVERSE earrings on their ears, examines a pentacle, symbolizing new financial opportunities and the beginning of a new venture.

Knight of Pentacles – A knight with a BELLE bracelet on a dark horse holds a pentacle, symbolizing hard work and a methodical approach.

Queen of Pentacles – A queen sits on a throne adorned with fruit and flowers, symbolizing nurturing and practical wisdom. She wears the chunky EDGE bracelet and choker.

King of Pentacles – A king sits on a throne, the BOYFRIEND necklace on his shoulders surrounded by symbols of wealth, symbolizing financial security and leadership.


Ace of Swords – A hand with a colour SLING ring emerges from a cloud, holding a sword with a crown. It symbolizes clarity and breakthroughs.

Two of Swords – A figure, blindfolded with the very long WOOD necklace holds two crossed swords, symbolizing difficult decisions and indecision.

Three of Swords – A heart pierced by three swords, symbolizing heartbreak and sorrow.

Four of Swords – A figure with a MESH bracelet lies on a tomb with hands in prayer, symbolizing rest and recuperation.

Five of Swords – A figure with a BELLE ear stud holds three swords and looks back at two dejected figures, symbolizing conflict and tension.

Six of Swords – A figure ferries passengers across water, symbolizing transition and moving forward. It wears a crystal DROP necklace.

Seven of Swords – A figure sneaks away with five swords, leaving two behind, symbolizing deception and stealth. A big gold and PEARL earcuff on their ear.

Eight of Swords – A blindfolded and bound figure stands surrounded by swords, symbolizing restriction and negative thoughts. A very long WOOD necklace criss cross around the body.

Nine of Swords – A figure sits up in bed with hands on their face, symbolizing anxiety and worry. Chandelier PAILLETTES earrings on the ears.

Ten of Swords – A figure lies face down with ten swords in their back, symbolizing painful endings and betrayal. Holding an ETERNAL necklace in their hand.

Page of Swords – A young person holds a sword upright, symbolizing curiosity and new ideas. On their ear you see the BOLD WIRE hoop.

Knight of Swords – A knight with bold WIRE bangles on the wrist charges forward with a raised sword, symbolizing ambition and action.

Queen of Swords – A queen sits on a throne holding a sword, symbolizing independence and unbiased judgment. She wears the BARBELLE twig ear stud.

King of Swords – A king wearing the CRYSTALIZED necklace, sits on a throne with a sword, symbolizing authority and intellectual power.


Ace of Wands – A hand emerges from a cloud holding a wand, symbolizing inspiration and new opportunities. It is decorated with an adjustable STRIPE ring, a GLITZ ring on the thumb and a BOLD bangle.

Two of Wands – A figure holds a globe (in that case the WORLD necklace) and contemplates two wands, symbolizing planning and progress.

Three of Wands – A figure looks out to sea with three wands planted in the ground, symbolizing foresight and enterprise. An OVAL hair tie holds their hair together.

Four of Wands – Two figures celebrate under a garlanded structure, symbolizing celebration and harmony. A pair of SWEET YES rings hovers over everything.

Five of Wands – Five figures wield wands in a chaotic struggle, symbolizing conflict and competition. They all have WOOD bracelets on their ankles.

Six of Wands – A figure rides a horse holding a wand with a wreath, symbolizing success and recognition. An OVAL hair tie holds their hair together.

Seven of Wands – A figure defends their position on a hilltop with a wand, symbolizing challenge and perseverance. The figure wears a MESH bag.

Eight of Wands – Eight wands fly through the air, symbolizing movement and fast-paced change.

Nine of Wands – A weary figure stands guard with a bandaged head, holding a wand and surrounded by eight others, symbolizing resilience and courage, an ETERNAL bracelet on their wrist.

Ten of Wands – A figure carries a heavy load of ten wands, symbolizing burden and hard work. On their torso a LACE body.

Page of Wands – A young person holds a wand and looks towards the distance, symbolizing inspiration and discovery. On their hat: a STAR pin.

Knight of Wands – A knight on a rearing horse holds a wand, symbolizing energy and adventure. The helmet decorated with a FLAMES hair tie.

Queen of Wands – A queen sits on a throne holding a wand, symbolizing confidence and independence. Her Cape is gathered with a BELLE brooch.

King of Wands – A king sits on a throne with a wand, symbolizing leadership and vision. The LIQUID choker decorates his neck.