Due to the recent raise of the cost of gold and silver, we had to raise our prices too. Thank you as well for your understanding that everything might take a little longer than you are used to.

silver double chain


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the length of the double chain is about 100cm for the longer loop and 60cm for the shorter loop, thickness of the chain is about 1.45mm
Brass, silver-plated.


A long double silver chain for your glasses or sunglasses.
If you choose a pair of sunglasses together with an according chain, go for the chained versions, chained ME or chained YOU.

It is a lengthy, two-loop chain in silver-plated brass, which can be worn in multiple styles: completely in front, simply as head jewellery; separated with one loop in front and the other in back; with both chains in back, adorning the wearer from behind.
As an example you see the chain attached to sunglasses and worn on the last pictures. (Here you only purchase the chain, not the glasses). The chain is part of the cooperation with VIU.