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  • Arita

    Jewellery does not have a long tradition in Japan. Decoration has, as well as Symbols. Among the most traditional motifs in tattoos, prints, paintings on porcelain and kimonos, you find scales everywhere. Big and small, of different colours, of different meanings. Those of a dragon, a koi fish, or a snake, those representing waves of water or the petals of a lotus flower. They could all look quiet similar despite their various meanings. A dragon, for example, stands for wisdom and the force of good, while Koi means determination, courage and desire for success. The snake represents good luck and change, and water means movement, fluidity and life. I liked the idea of putting a `second skin´ on your skin – a skin of scales made in porcelain and with a great symbolic meaning. All the pieces of this collection for Arita2016 are handmade in the south of Japan, on Kyushu island by Hataman Toen. In a valley that used to be guarded so no one could leave or enter just like that, it was the place where the porcelain for the emperor was produced and secrets had to be kept.

  • Dami Drake Cuff No1

    Dami Drake Cuff No1 € 449

    Hand-painted porcelain

  • Grey Drake Rings

    Grey Drake Rings From € 125

    Hand-painted porcelain

  • White Drake Cuffs No2

    White Drake Cuffs No2 € 249

    Glossy or matte

  • Dami Drake Cuff No2

    Dami Drake Cuff No2 € 449

    Hand-painted porcelain

  • Dami Drake Ring

    Dami Drake Ring € 169

    Hand-painted porcelain

  • Black Drake Cuffs

    Black Drake Cuffs € 249

    Glossy or matte black

  • White Drake Cuffs No1

    White Drake Cuffs No1 € 249

    Glossy or matte

  • Light World Necklace

    Light World Necklace € 179

    Sterling silver & porcelain

  • Treasure Box

    Treasure Box € 49

    White porcelain

  • Double Treasure Box

    Double Treasure Box € 98

    The perfect wedding ring box