At Saskia Diez we are constantly improving the way we work and are always trying to create the best conditions we can think of, in which our pieces are created.

We work together with a handful of goldsmiths in and around Munich, in Pforzheim and Werne. Everything is very local. We know everybody that is producing for us.
Smart use of tooling and 3D drawing and printing techinques to produce more efficiently.

We source our precious metals 90% from recycling.
All our leftovers of precious metals are getting recycled by melting and turning into new pieces.
Use of sustainably locally grown wood with non toxic lacquer for colouring.

Use of alternative transportation.
Use of bike carriers instead of motorised for city delivery – carbon neutral shipping for everything outside the city or country.
Local production (Munich or Germany)
For business travels we use the train as much we can instead of flying

Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction:
Main packaging material is recycled paper, we recently introduced new packaging sizes and paper size (e.g. for invoice printing) to cut off 70% of paper use.
Printing paper is 100% recycled paper.
Double-sided printing to save paper, ink and energy.
Biodegradable cleaning products in the office
Reusable water bottles, cups and utensils instead of disposable ones
Waste separation (different bins for plastic, aluminium, glass and paper)
Use of grass plastic for packaging, produced in the Netherlands
Padding for shipping from recycled paper plus reusing padding we receive.
Careful printing policy (digitalised bookkeeping, no printed catalogues, no email printouts, digital communication system in the team).

Human rights and best practice:
Flexible working hours, part time contracts to support work life balance and family life.
Fair payment.
Regular team trips and bonding events.
Involving employees in sustainable development by involving them in training and incentives to encourage buy-in to your strategy.
Binding and long-term relationships with all of our suppliers.
Participation in charitable iniciatives and projects.
Communication to our clients of our sustainibility strategies
Supporting local crafts and keeping knowledge alive by producing locally (not only the jewellery but also our packaging)
Choosing out cooperation partners carefully (also for all our silent cooperations. These partners must share our values when it comes to production, environmental and social impact.