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    The collection consists out of simple basic items: the necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings of the Fine series are made from two different kinds of chain-material in two different kinds of metal. One consisting of small cubic parts, one consisting of small rings either in sterling silver or 18karat gold. The closure of the necklaces and the bracelets is always the same, so one can put different necklaces and bracelets together to get longer necklaces consisting of different parts (in material and colour). The rings are flexible, little necklaces for your finger. Made in Germany.

  • Fine Bracelets

    Fine Bracelets From € 89

    Gold or silver, cubic or round

  • Silver FINE Infinity bracelet

    Silver FINE Infinity bracelet € 89


  • Gold FINE Infinity bracelet

    Gold FINE Infinity bracelet € 379

    18karat gold

  • FINE Infinity Necklace

    FINE Infinity Necklace From € 99

    Gold or silver

  • Silver Fine Wild Necklace

    Silver Fine Wild Necklace € 189


  • Gold Wild Necklace

    Gold Wild Necklace From € 249

    18karat gold or gold-plated sterling silver

  • Fine Necklaces

    Fine Necklaces From € 99

    Gold or silver, round or cubic

  • Fine Pearls Bracelet

    Fine Pearls Bracelet € 239

    Gold pearl

  • Fine Long Necklaces

    Fine Long Necklaces From € 99

    Various styles

  • Fine Rings

    Fine Rings From € 59

    Gold or silver, cubic or round