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  • Fringes

    “An ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists, used to decorate the edge of something” (from the oxford dictionaries). Dangling and glittery pieces.
    In this series you have a couple of items great for going out like the long earrings and others you can wear all day long, like the necklace No1.

  • Gold open FRINGE necklace

    Gold open FRINGE necklace From € 169

    14 or 18karat gold or gold-plated silver

  • Silver open FRINGE necklace

    Silver open FRINGE necklace € 159

    925 Sterling silver

  • Gold Open FRINGE earrings

    Gold Open FRINGE earrings From € 698

    14 or 18karat gold

  • Silver Open FRINGE earrings

    Silver Open FRINGE earrings € 99

    925 Sterling silver

  • Silver FRINGE necklace No1

    Silver FRINGE necklace No1 € 109

    One size

  • Gold FRINGE necklace No1

    Gold FRINGE necklace No1 From € 998

    14 or 18karat gold

  • FRINGE necklace No5

    FRINGE necklace No5 € 205

    Various ways to wear

  • FRINGE bodypiece

    FRINGE bodypiece € 269

    Various ways to wear

  • double FRINGE earrings

    double FRINGE earrings € 129

    Long earrings

  • triangle FRINGE earclips

    triangle FRINGE earclips € 159