• SaskiaDiezGRAND
  • Grand

    The elements of GRAND are scaled, big, still manufactured the thinnest possible way. Inspired by an indian technique of manufacturing large surfaces of gold to show off but doing them super thin, touching the border of what´s possible to still keep them stable. There is more to come. The GRAND bracelet is just a beginning.

  • GRAND hair clip

    GRAND hair clip

    gold or silver

  • silver GRAND earrings

    silver GRAND earrings € 179

    Sterling silver

  • gold GRAND earrings

    gold GRAND earrings € 169

    brass, gold-plated

  • gold GRAND ring

    gold GRAND ring € 398

    gold or silver

  • GRAND ring No2

    GRAND ring No2 € 109


  • GRAND ring No1

    GRAND ring No1 € 99


  • GRAND ring No3

    GRAND ring No3 € 129


  • Grand cuff

    Grand cuff From € 249

    silver or brass

  • Grand bracelet

    Grand bracelet From € 359

    925 sterling silver or brass

  • Silver GRAND collier

    Silver GRAND collier € 459

    Silver-plated brass