• SaskiaDiezLIQUIDnecklace
  • Liquid

    Like drops of liquid metal to form big earrings that hook into your ears, a collier like a collar or a bracelet consisting out of two equal circles. The pieces are manufactured in the thinnest possible way, so even if big, the hoops are very lightweight. Those are great for going out and sparkling nights.

  • Silver Liquid Bracelet

    Silver Liquid Bracelet € 229

    sterling silver

  • Silver Liquid Hoops No1

    Silver Liquid Hoops No1 € 199

    sterling silver

  • Gold Liquid Hoops No1

    Gold Liquid Hoops No1 € 229

    gold-plated silver

  • Silver Liquid Hoops No2

    Silver Liquid Hoops No2 € 259

    sterling silver

  • Gold Liquid Hoops No2

    Gold Liquid Hoops No2 € 279

    sterling silver

  • Silver Liquid Necklace

    Silver Liquid Necklace € 329

    sterling silver