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  • Noble Project

    For Noble Project I designed prints that work on motifs of my jewelry.
    Noble Project is an international fair fashion brand – supported by artists, musicians, actors and designers worldwide. Noble Projects fashion is made of fair-traded materials. With the purchase of any Noble Project shirt you not only get a highly exclusive product, they also do good: by helping to improve the working and living conditions of our farmers and producers. Furthermore Noble Project has engaged themselves in various social activities to preserve and create a better environment – for the present and future generations.

  • Big Knot Shirt

    Big Knot Shirt € 39.95

    Diverse sizes

  • big WOOD Shirt

    big WOOD Shirt € 39.95

    Diverse sizes

  • ANCHOR Shirt

    ANCHOR Shirt € 39.95

    Different sizes

  • STAR Shirt

    STAR Shirt € 39.95

    Different sizes

  • DIAMOND Shirt

    DIAMOND Shirt From € 39.93

    Black or white