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  • Paillettes

    Striking about the PAILLETTES are small circular or oval silver flakes, whose polished surface reflects the light like tiny mirrors. If they are moved they gleam and shimmer gently. Sequins are normally used to embellish pieces of clothing and accessories; here they are the focal point. By increasing their size they get independent. The flakes are combined with extremely delicate chains. Available in Sterling Silver or 14karat gold. Made in Munich, Germany.

  • PAILLETTES hair clip

    PAILLETTES hair clip

    gold or silver

  • Multi Paillettes Choker

    Multi Paillettes Choker € 229

    Adjustable length

  • Black Paillettes scarf

    Black Paillettes scarf € 145

    sterling silver & tulle

  • Nude Paillettes scarf

    Nude Paillettes scarf € 145

    sterling silver & tulle

  • One Paillette Necklace

    One Paillette Necklace From € 89

    Silver or gold

  • Paillettes Chandelier Earrings No1

    Paillettes Chandelier Earrings No1 € 179

    925 sterling silver

  • Silver Dancing Paillettes earring No1

    Silver Dancing Paillettes earring No1 € 119

    Sterling silver, one piece

  • Multi Paillettes Earrings

    Multi Paillettes Earrings From € 149

    Gold or silver

  • Paillettes Lasso

    Paillettes Lasso € 425

    18karat gold or sterling silver

  • PAILLETTES studs No1

    PAILLETTES studs No1 € 65

    Sterling silver