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  • Sling

    SLING is a play of graphics. Like lines you draw to describe jewelry with a very thick pen. The lines are beaded and together with the space in between they form the necklace and the bracelet and as two dots on the fingers they are rings.

  • Pearl Sling ring

    Pearl Sling ring From € 249

    Various options

  • Crystal SLING bangles

    Crystal SLING bangles From € 198

    No1 or No2

  • color SLING ring

    color SLING ring € 129

    Various colors

  • silver Sling bracelet

    silver Sling bracelet € 159

    Beaded necklace

  • dark SLING bangles

    dark SLING bangles From € 149

    No1 or No2

  • Silver SLING bangle

    Silver SLING bangle € 249

    One size

  • Silver SLING neckpiece

    Silver SLING neckpiece € 259

    One size

  • Crystal SLING neckpiece

    Crystal SLING neckpiece € 279

    One size

  • dark SLING neckpiece

    dark SLING neckpiece From € 195

    Somky quartz or onyx

  • Silver Sling ring No1

    Silver Sling ring No1 € 129

    Ring with spheres