MOP fine bracelet


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925 sterling silver with mother of pearl
The bracelet has a length of about 17cm, the plate has a diameter of 14mm


A delicate silver bracelet with a round plate of mother of pearl that has a pattern of concentric rays engraved on its surface. Made from an airy chain of which every eyelet is flattened and has mirroring surfaces.

Material is 925 sterling silver in combination with mother of pearl.

Mother Of Pearl, also known as nacre, an organic-inorganic composite material produced by some molluscs as an inner shell layer. It is resilient, strong and iridescent. The outer layer of cultured pearls and the inside layer of the shell of pearl oysters and freshwater pearl mussels are made of nacre. It is composed of hexagonal platelets of aragonite whose thickness is close to the wavelength of visible light, which causes its iridescent appearance. Their structure interfere constructively and destructively with different wavelengths of light depending on different angles of viewing.

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