Season ring


925 sterling silver, tourmaline, chrysopras, aquamarine or moonstone
The stones have a diameter of appr. 5mm
Size S: serves approximately sizes 50, Size M: serves approximately sizes 52, Size l: serves approximately sizes 54
You can adjust the ring for better fitting. Just do not bend back and forth several times, the ring might break. Keep away from chemicals, cosmetics, acids and store separately.


The Season ring has one semiprecious stone that sits between your fingers. The ring itself is open and can be adjusted to your finger. You choose your favourite season, thus your favourite stone, each symbolizing a different season: lemon chrysoprase for spring, blue aquamarine for summer, red tourmaline for autumn, and moonstone for winter. Its open design allows for effortless adjustment to ensure a comfortable fit on your finger. Crafted in Munich, this ring embodies both quality and precision in its design.

Made in Munich.