24g stainless steel, mirror polished for the card. The security chain ist stainless steel and silver plated brass and has a length of 45cm to give you lots of options of attachment styles…


You might wonder why there is a Mastercard® Debitcard by Saskia Diez. You might wonder why you should get it. Let it be your shiny accessory when going out. Let it be your pocket mirror. Let it be your entry card to the universe of Saskia Diez.
And yes, you can pay with it. But your Loverscard is much more than a fully functional payment card – it’s a shiny and elegant accessory. In addition, the Loverscard has useful benefits such as insurance, access to airport lounges and a lifestyle concierge to assist you with any type of booking. Whether it’s flights, hotels, restaurant visits, rental cars, concerts, theater or a relaxing day at the spa – your lifestyle assistant supports you in all areas.
Wear it, use it, see yourself in it, show it off, be a lover, be part of our family.

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Your Loverscard is a fully functioning Mastercard® Debit card which also includes its own bank account. On top of that you get a Mastercard insurance package that keeps you perfectly covered in your everyday life.
You will have a personal lifestyle assistant supporting you in your private and business life. Whether it’s for booking trips, a table in your favorite restaurant or your sporting activities.

A subtle engraving with the words “give and receive” written in an elegant font at the bottom of the card is the only decoration – that keeps the smooth surface largely untouched. You give and you receive. You give by paying and you get what you paid for. On top of that, you’ll get access to our exclusive network full of very special benefit partners. Some of them you might know, some of them you might discover with us.

One day you might get a calming meditation, another day you might get a small welcome gift at a nice hotel. One day it might be a special price on a nice new bag, another day it might be a cocktail at a cool bar. One day it might be a makeup tutorial to go with dance earrings, on another day it might be access to a limited edition piece by Saskia Diez. One day it might be the recipe for the best cake from our favorite bakery, on another day it might be a beautiful new lipstick. You give and you receive.