Isar cufflinks


2 in stock (can be backordered)

925 Sterling silver, stone
The stone has a diameter of appr. 12mm, the silver sphere of appr. 10mm.
Like every other jewelry, please keep the pieces away from acids, fierce cleaning supplies etc. and store protected from hard materials to prevent from scratching.


A pair of cufflinks with a cut and polished sphere, made from pebbles from the banks of the river Isar. Every pair is unique, but derives from one stone. The pictures are just a reference, because every stone is different. The colors vary within shades of white, beige, grey to almost black, with more or less pattern. The cufflinks have a sphere of silver on the one side and one out of stone on the other side. If you are unsure what to choose you can always call in the store to see what we have on stock at the moment. Made in Munich.