special WIRE solitaire rings


18karat gold (we use a gold with a higher amount of copper for a nice warm gold color), diamond
The wire of the rings is 1mm strong, the heart shaped diamond is about 7.5x7mm, the oval one is about 5.6×6.7mm, the baguette one is appr. 0.10ct
Take care and store separately.


Diamonds in different cuts and shades in a delicate wire setting made in 18karat gold. Great on their own, great in a mix. One piece. Made in Munich.
They all have a size of 52, in case you need a different size, let us know.

The salt and pepper diamonds are in fancy cuts, the one in baguette cut is in classic white.

Salt and pepper diamonds are unique in colour and pattern. Once considered rough diamonds, their patternation is created by inclusions and imperfections in the stone that give it a smoky shade with speckles and flecks creating their mottled effect. Salt and pepper diamonds are a wonderful alternative to traditional white diamonds due to their truly individual characteristics.